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Goat Breeds

There are number of Goat breeds available but a breed should be selected according to its purpose or use, on the environmental conditions, and adaptability of the breed.

There is no single goat breed has all the characteristics desired and is productive under all environmental conditions.

Selection of goad breed basically depends on the type of Goat farming you are choosing. if you are planning for milk than definitely, you have to choose a milk goat breed and if you are planning for meat purpose than you have to choose meat goat breed.

The most important part of this business is reproduction. Both the milk and meat depends on the reproduction of goats. The high rate of conception, kidding and weaning are equally important. Females that produce more kids per pregnancy are more productive. Probably the good breeds come from the good and pure quality of male and female.

Meat Goat breeds

Most of the worlds goat population is used for meat production, but in western countries, goats may be used for milk, meat, or fiber production.

Generally, the dwarf goat breeds of Asia and Africa which are short in size are exclusively considered as a meat goat. hence the following meat goat breeds are African boer, black Bengal Nepalese hill, Kalahari red.

Fiber goat breeds

Fiber goats breeds generally are smaller in height than dairy goats. Generally, fiber goat breeds are from the mountain and hilly areas. Angora, chegu. Changathangi, Gaddi is the fiber goat breeds.

Dairy goat Breeds

Dairy goats breeds have been selected primarily for productivity in terms of milk quantity and milk – fat percentage, as well as the efficiency of production and age longevity.

Large body goats breeds are the large milk production goats. The following dairy goat breeds are Beetal, Barbari, Sirohi, Toggenberg, Sannen, Alpine.